Eco English

Eco English

Let’s talk Eco with us



Free talk gathering, where eco-life is the main topic.
Tell your own story about what you do, think for environment preservation.
Enjoy a cup of tea and snack with new ideas to practice eco.



While the corona infection has not subsided, outdoor activities get attention as congestion free pastime activities. It is said that the number of lovers of solo camps has increased, sales of camper vans have skyrocketed, and some people even buy mountains.


On the other hand, there is a concern that the natural environment that people visit for outdoor activities has its own ecosystem and that the entry of people will have some impact on this ecosystem. Indeed, there are also ways to use nature, such as SATOYAMA and natural parks, which are maintained by humans and are protected by getting close to nature and receiving some benefits. However, it also costs money to protect the natural environment. It also costs money for maintenance that humans can get close to naturally. For the convenience and pleasure of human beings in places where there is no admission fee, such as amusement parks, someone has to bear the cost of protecting and maintaining the natural environment. To what extent should nature be protected and maintained, and who should pay how much? Please let us know your opinion.



The Eco English Cafe will be held at the venue below, but it may be changed to online depending on the future epidemic of the new coronavirus.

If you would like to continue participating online, please let us know when you apply. We will send you a link to the ZOOM meeting room.


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NOTICE: If you prefer online attendance, please let us know it in sign-up mail. Zoom meeting invitation will be sent later.


 Schedule in Feb. 2021


Feb 25th (Thu) 18:00- 19:30

Venue: FUKUSHIA, ( First place Yokohama 3F, 2-7-1Tahashima-cho Nishiku ,Yokohama)        


Participation fee : \500

Main theme: New normal lifestyle


NOTICE: If you prefer online attendance, please let us know it in sign-up mail.


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