Eco English

Eco English

Let’s talk Eco with us



Free talk gathering, where eco-life is the main topic.
Tell your own story about what you do, think for environment preservation.
Enjoy a cup of tea and snack with new ideas to practice eco.



 Recently, paper cartons have started to appear in wine bottles at supermarkets. Many of them are printed with sustainability instructions, such as the use of organically grown ingredients and the composting of manufacturing waste.


It seems that various labels are printed that claim to be environmentally friendly, organically grown, and sustainable.

On the other hand, the European Commission seems to have enacted a regulation to ban the baseless advertising called greenwashing caused by the cobblestone mixed eco-label. What information should you rely on to make smart consumer choices? Also, do eco-labels and sustainability promotions help you make shopping choices? We look forward to hearing from you.



 This month's EEC start earlier than usual and the Year-end party will follow. Please join us for either time you like. For detail of the party, please ask through e-mail.



 ★★★★★Eco English cafe Dec  2023★★★★★

Date  Dec 26th (Tue17:0018:00

Fee  500    JPY



 Venue:  Meeting room in FUKUSHIA, Office Council of Social Welfar Yokohama Nishiku,

Address: First place YOKOHAMA 3F, 2-7-2 Takashima-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama


NOTICE: If you prefer online attendance, please let us know it in sign-up mail. Zoom meeting invitation will be sent later.

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