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Eco English

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Free talk gathering, where eco-life is the main topic.
Tell your own story about what you do, think for environment preservation.
Enjoy a cup of tea and snack with new ideas to practice eco.



 I've come to often hear "decluttering", DABSHARI in Japanese, which means the clean disposal of unused things in a house that isn't tidy up. In the United States, similar disposition is called the KonMari method, which is named after a famous Japanese cleanup consultant. Clothing is probably the most common item to dispose of in the decluttering and KonMari methods. Disposing of clothes that are still worn is painful. On the other hand, in the recent apparel industry, the amount of surplus inventory that is disposed of without being sold has increased due to the spread of the online recycling market and the influence of the pandemic. What should we aim for sustainable fashion for both manufacturers and consumers? We look forward to hearing from you.



 Schedule in May 2022


 ★★★★★Eco English café Mar 2022★★★★★

Date  May. 24th  (Tue18:0019:30

Fee  500    JPY


 Venue:  Meeting room in FUKUSHIA, Office Council of Social Welfar Yokohama Nishiku,

Address: First place YOKOHAMA 3F, 2-7-2 Takashima-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama


NOTICE: If you prefer online attendance, please let us know it in sign-up mail. Zoom meeting invitation will be sent later.

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