Eco English Cafe 0802- Eco-Cooking

We have New comer Yoko san and Tsuyako san

Tsuyako san is a student living in Netherlands. She is in the vacation now staying at her parents' home and will move to Portugal the coming January for study. Yoko san lives in Izumi-ku, Yokohama where firefly live, thus , our talk went from Netherlands to firefly and then to China and somewhere that we had not expected beforehand...

  Well talking of Eco-cooking, the important thing is to apply the way of energy saving. Ayako san got a energy-efficient cooking appliance with 36,000 yen and ECOWATT. ECOWATT is the energy meter, with which you can see how much electricity is fed by using a certain electric appliance by connecting to the electric cable of the appliance before it is connected to the outlet. She measures electricity consumption of the new cooker and snickers to herself seeing the 36,000 is worth paying to energy-saving!

  The Life-cycles of ONIGIRI and Sandwich were another talk. If you look in the whole life-cycle of ONIGIRI, you notice there are several steps where energy is fed. One example is production step. Raising rice and cooking rice need energy and trasporting etc. also. As the result, eating ONIGIRI causes lots of energy consumption and acompanying CO2 emission.

We enjoyed buckwheat cake. The recipe is attached. 

buckwheat cake recipe
Buckwheat cake.pdf
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principle of eco-cooking
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