Eco English  2nd Meeting  6/28/2011 

@Sakuragicho/Yokohama Civic Activity Support Center


Attend: 4


We had two hew comers, this time. Since one of them are from Hokkaido, we talked about Hokkaido for a while and found the global warming influenced the climate change in Hokkaido, where people used to possess no air conditioner.

What we talked?
Grate East Japan Earthquake clarifies the risk of atomic power generations. Since then, the attention to the renewable energies has been accelerated.
The examples of the renewable energies are solar power (photo voltaic, PV), wind power, geothermal energy and more.
The government definition of New Energies includes most of renewable energies with some exclusion like hydro-power. Interestingly, only the small scale hydro-powers are approved as one of new energies

There are two main reasons that prohibit renewable energies from spreading out. One is their stability and another is their initial costs. The payback time of PV is said tem years.
The current commercially available desk-light with solar-panel need twenty years usage to compensate for the selling price (2,000 YEN)(see the file attached).

Renewable energies don't cause either global warming or resource exhaustion, thus, quite environment-friendly. Can we cheese them with more expensive payment?