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Eco English  1st Meeting  6/21/2011 

@Sakuragicho/Yokohama CivicActivity Support Center


  • Minute
    Since it was the first time when we talk, we started to introduce ourselves each other.
    Everyone seemed to get a little nurvous, but such an atmosphere will be gone soon.
  • What we talked?
    Recently 'Kanagawa Electric Power Saving Model Project Consortium ' encourade people to practice twenty one power saving activities.
    They call this promotion 'SETUDEN(electric power saving) CHALLENGE 21'
    We tried to translate the description of these activities;
    the examples are below
  • When use air conditioners
    1.Set temperature to approx. 28 degree C
    2.Turn on it only when it is necessary (try to cut 1 hour of turn-on time every day)
    3.Clean the filter one or two times per month
    4.Use curteins(SUDARE),fans besides the air conditioners
    5.Set the proper temperature (middle is recommended)
    6.Make space between the frige and walls
    7.Not overfill with food
    Room Light
    8.Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescents
    9.Shorten the duration of lighting
    10.Turn off when not watch
    11.Turn down the brightness of the screen
    Toilet seats with a warm-water shower
    12.Top the toilet bowl When not used
    13.Adjust the seat temperature depending on the ambient temprature.
    Electric Pot
    14.Unplug when not use for a while
    15.Not keep standing up even when not use
    Standby Electricity
    16.Turn off the main swtich when not use
    Energy savin model
    17.Replace the old appriences with the energy saving models
    Ampere Contract
    18. Drop the Ampere contract (10A reduction saves 273 YEN/mon)
    Family gatherring
    19.Stay with all the family members in the same room two hours more
    20.Go out to the public places(park, walking, shopping)
    Peak Demand Cut
    21. avoid electricity use at the time of peak demand(arround 14:00)

Can you do them??


  • Do you Know What LED is?

     LED represent Light Emmiting Diod. Recently, many elctric applience companies supply LED bulbs, because they are tremendously energy efficient. A partipant ,Mr.K explained the feature of LED and showed the result of the cost comperison among bulbs.


  • We talked a lot more!!

    One example is Chocolate cake LCI(life cycle inventory) that assess how much energy is fed in a piece of chocolate cake which we ate that evening.


chocolate cake LCI
Nutritional fact and environmental burden fact of the chocolate cake that we ate
PDFファイル 291.3 KB